Detainee Health Care

The ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC) serves as the medical authority for ICE on a wide range of medical issues, including the agency’s comprehensive detainee health care program.

IHSC staff consists of more than 900 U.S. Public Health Service commissioned officers, federal civil servants and contract support staff.

IHSC provides direct care to approximately 15,000 detainees housed at 24 designated facilities throughout the nation. It oversees medical care provided to an additional 17,000 detainees housed at non-IHSC staffed detention facilities across the country. When necessary, it authorizes and pays for off-site specialty and emergency care, consultations and case management.

In order to continually upgrade the quality of medical services delivered, IHSC actively seeks accreditation by the Joint Commission, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and the American Correctional Association. It also complies with the Performance Based National Detention Standards.

In many instances, the care that detainees receive while in ICE custody is the first professional medical care they have received, and it is common for detainee health screenings to identify chronic and serious health conditions that were previously undiagnosed.

IHSC also provides medical support during flight, tactical ground and sea operations through the Special Operations Unit. This unit consists of specially trained commissioned officers who, in addition to meeting the medical needs of detainees, serve as liaisons between law enforcement officials and other key stakeholders.


ICE Health Service Corps provides medical care and public health services to individuals in the custody of ICE.

Contact Us

To contact ICE Health Service Corps, please call (202) 732-4600.

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