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Information Management


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HSI's Information Management Division supports ICE and the Department of Homeland Security by improving methods for managing different types of information and directing how it is shared with other agencies and organizations. Programs and projects under Information Management focus on merging methods and technology that result in better law enforcement operations.

Law Enforcement Information Sharing Initiative

The Law Enforcement Information Sharing Initiative works to advance information sharing at all government levels. The initiative's goal is to make sharing critical information regarding terrorism and threats to homeland security easier, and to increase the usefulness of that information. This service is vital for preventing terrorist acts against the United States.

Law Enforcement Support and Information Management

Law Enforcement Support and Information Management manages information technology programs and initiatives, working with ICE's Office of the Chief Information Officer to ensure the best use of methods and technology throughout ICE and the Department of Homeland Security. It directly supports HSI's law enforcement and mission support programs and helps develop major advancements in technology used to combat crime.

Law Enforcement Support and Information Management ensures that HSI complies with current information technology standards and security requirements. It also supports information sharing and intelligence reporting. Additionally, it gathers reports based on statistics collected during investigative casework.

Law Enforcement Support and Information Management consists of the following elements:

Data Management Unit offers assistance to HSI leadership on the integrity of statistical reporting data and analysis techniques related to HSI data within ICE's law enforcement systems. The unit also develops quality standards and methods for reviewing the accuracy of HSI data in the law enforcement systems.

Executive Information Reporting Unit supports executive-level reporting activities using data within the ICE's law enforcement systems and HSI's Mission Support statistics. This unit also provides accurate statistical reports to ICE leadership, and develops web-based reports for use by field offices, headquarters programs and HSI leadership. The unit also produces and releases reports, including reports on geographic information systems.

Guidance, Procedures and Information Section prepares and archives correspondence for HSI's Mission Support and Information Management divisions. The section contains a group of technical communications experts who support high-level executive projects, prepare documents and provide their expertise to staff in need of writing or editing assistance. The section also manages special projects as assigned by HSI leadership.

Information Sharing and Infrastructure Management Unit develops information technology systems and identifies new technology for HSI. The unit also ensures that Law Enforcement Support and Information Management and other ICE sections work with each other to share technology and systems.

Technical Operations Unit provides ICE components with cutting-edge electronic surveillance equipment and support with criminal investigations and national security operations.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 01/03/2018