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Detainee passes away at York hospital

PHILADELPHIA - On Nov. 21, Sebastian Padilla-Perez, a 72-year-old citizen and national of Cuba, who was in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on immigration violations, passed away at York Hospital, located in York, Pa.

On Oct. 6, ICE in Philadelphia took custody of Padilla-Perez, following the completion of his criminal sentence for a murder conviction. He was being held by ICE at the York County Prison. On Nov. 5, Padilla-Perez was transported to York Hospital with a tentative diagnosis of peptic ulcer bleeding and low blood pressure. Initial tests conducted revealed he had several tumors in his abdomen. On Nov. 11, a liver biopsy was conducted. On Nov. 14, he was diagnosed with pancreatic-liver cancer with extensive metastasis.

Prior to his death, Padilla-Perez indicated that all his family was in Cuba, and he had not been in contact with them for more than 30 years. ICE made several attempts to contact Padilla-Perez's friend who was listed as next-of-kin without success.

ICE has notified its Office of Professional Responsibility and the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, D.C. The Coroner's Certificate of Death indicates no autopsy was performed and that the manner of death was natural.