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week of August 16, 2019

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ICE | Acting Director visits El Salvador

ICEActing Director visits El Salvador

Discusses dangers of human smuggling networks

ICE’s Acting Director, Matthew T. Albence, visited El Salvador Aug. 9-10, 2019, to discuss the agency’s enforcement priorities and its commitment to dismantle human smuggling networks. He met with El Salvador’s foreign affairs minister, among others. Learn more.


Cultural | Indian artifacts repatriated to home country during London ceremony

CulturalIndian artifacts repatriated to home country during London ceremony

Artifacts linked to one of the most prolific art smugglers in the world

Pursuant to an investigation by HSI, with participation from the London Metropolitan Police Service; the High Commission of India in London in coordination with Indian Customs; and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in NY, the items were repatriated to their home country. On Aug. 15, the High Commissioner of India in London accepted the return of the artifacts on behalf of India. Learn more.


Work for ICE

Work for ICEWhat is OPLA?

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor helps enforce the immigration and customs laws of the United States

ICE's OPLA is the largest legal program in DHS with more than 1,100 attorneys. OPLA serves as the exclusive representative of DHS in removal proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review. In addition, OPLA litigates cases involving criminal aliens, terrorists, human rights abusers and other priority aliens.

Right now, OPLA is hiring attorneys across the U.S. To apply, visit USAJOBS.

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LESCThe Law Enforcement Support Center is a national enforcement operations facility, led by ICE

The center shares timely & relevant ICE information with law enforcement partners around the world

Located in Williston, Vermont, the Law Enforcement Support Center, or LESC for short, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The primary users of the center are state and local law enforcement officers seeking information regarding aliens encountered in the course of their daily enforcement activities. The center serves as a national enforcement operations center, responding to inquiries from federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies concerning aliens under investigation or arrested. Learn more.


Careers at ICE

PodcastDid you know that ICE has a podcast?

Minister of Industry & National Production for Venezuela & co-conspirator added to list

The Careers at ICE podcast highlights career opportunities at ICE, the hiring process and how to put your best foot forward. Check out the Careers section on to read an in-depth list of frequently asked questions and see a list of the most current job announcements.

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