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As a result of the recent ICE Recruiting and Hiring Event in Texas, ICE received a large number of applications through USAJOBS. Thank you to all who took the time to apply for positions with ICE ERO and HSI. Below are answers to common questions about emails received from the ICE Office of Human Capital. More detailed information about federal government hiring can be found on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management website.

Direct Hire Explained

Direct-hire authority allows federal agencies to hire individuals without using traditional rating, ranking, and selection procedures, including the application of veterans’ preference. Applicants must apply for direct-hire authority jobs through USAJOBS and meet any pre-employment requirements. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management approves direct-hire authority when an agency has a severe shortage of candidates or a critical hiring need. It can cover certain occupations and geographical locations.

Notice of Results (NOR)

Below are two sample Notice of Results (NOR) emails from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The emails are sample responses to direct-hire authority applications for ICE Deportation Officer and Criminal Investigator positions. Review our helpful guide to understand what information is contained in the NOR email.

The main body of the message includes general language about why you are receiving the email and several disclaimers about the meaning of the message. OPM states:

  • that the email is not a job offer,
  • the qualifications stated in your application are subject to fact checking and verification,
  • it is possible a Human Resources Specialist has not yet reviewed your application, and
  • because you applied for a direct-hire position, and if you are a Veteran, preference points were not added to the passing examination score for rating procedures.

Sample email response for criminal investigator applicants

Appointment Type: Lists if the position is Permanent or Temporary

Work Schedule: Lists if the position is Full-Time or Part-Time

sample email response for criminal investigators appicants

Sample email response for deportation officer applicants

Sample email response for deportation officer applicants

Translation of NOR Codes

IQIDYou are ineligible because you do not meet the minimum education and/or experience requirements for this series/specialty/grade combination
(This notice means that the candidate did not have enough education, experience, or both, to qualify for the position. The candidate did not proceed in the process.)
ELOCYou do not appear to meet the first area of consideration specified in the job announcement. However, we have accepted your application and may review it if a selection is not made from the first area of consideration. If upon later review we find that you are eligible and referred or ineligible, we will notify you.
(Candidates who were not included in the first 1,000 female-only eligible candidates that proceeded to testing received this notice. Candidates in this category were not reviewed. They may, or may not, be found qualified later and referred for testing should the program decide to test another group of candidates from this announcement.)
IOSSYou were not considered for this position because of the answers you provided to one or more of the suitability questions.
(Candidates who answered "YES" concerning certain questions involving security, or answered "NO" to the ability to do some job requirements, were automatically made ineligible to continue. They were not evaluated further.)
IQTRYou are ineligible to proceed in the hiring process because you did not attain the overall minimum score on the required assessments for this position
(Individuals who took the proctored examination and did not meet the overall minimum score are not continuing to the certificate, or selection phase, of the process.)
IODLYou were not considered because you indicated that you do not possess or are not able to obtain a valid driver's license.
(Having a driver's license is a requirement for this position. Inability to obtain a license prior to entrance on duty for the position results in removal from further consideration.)
PAYou must complete additional assessments to be considered for this position.
(Candidates in the process of testing may receive this notice.)
IQWAYou were not considered because you did not obtain a sufficient score on the written assessment
(Candidates who did not pass the writing assessment receive this ineligible code.)

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a notice that says I am not within the first area of consideration. What does this mean?

As stated in the Direct Hire Announcement postings, only the first 1000 qualified candidates to apply would be eligible to take the ICE Special Agent Battery and Writing Sample online assessments and receive further consideration. The Direct Hire announcements had funding to test 1,000 candidates per announcement. Applications were ranked in receipt order, and the first 1,000 qualified applicants proceeded to testing. If you received this notice, you did not make it into the testing group.

After I received the notice that I am ineligible, I then received another notification indicating that I needed to take an assessment and that the assessment had been completed. But I never took an assessment. What does this notification mean?

This was an automated message to notify ineligible candidates that no further action was required.

I answered a question incorrectly by accident and screened myself out of the hiring process. Is there anything that can be done?

No, answers cannot be altered after the close of the announcement. You will need to reapply to a future announcement.


To learn more about what happens after you apply to ICE, and to read frequently asked questions, visit here.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 08/28/2018