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Document and Benefit Fraud

HSI participates in the arrest of commercial drivers for fraudulently obtaining licenses in New York

NEW YORK — Investigators arrested 51 commercial drivers, including bus drivers, in and around New York City during a crackdown on individuals who fraudulently obtained multiple driver licenses using an alias. This operation was carried out by state and federal law enforcement agencies, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

"This investigation is the beginning of an important partnership between ICE and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles," said ICE Director John Morton. "It will allow our agencies to combine resources to facilitate the arrest of criminals who endanger public safety by obtaining legitimate documents through fraudulent means."

The arrests were made as the result of the use of facial recognition technology, which reviewed the records of 600,000 holders of New York State Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs). In addition to the most recent arrests, more than 70 additional CDL drivers were arrested based on the use of facial recognition technology earlier this year. Since February 2010, 800 people have been arrested for having two or more licenses under different aliases.

The drivers who obtained their licenses fraudulently were each charged with offering a false instrument and falsifying business records. Those with excessive unpaid tickets were also charged with aggravated unlicensed operation.

"With some hi-tech help, the state can now quickly find drivers who think it's acceptable to use an alias to illegally get more than one license," stated New York State Governor Andrew W. Cuomo. "I commend investigators from the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the local, state and federal agencies that teamed up on this case to help stop this fraud and keep our roads safe."

"We know that the work of the DMV's Division of Field Investigations in identifying these commercial drivers who are a danger on our highways will bring great benefit to all New Yorkers," stated Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and Chair of the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, Barbara J. Fiala. "I congratulate the Division of Field Investigations (DFI) staff for their work and thank all those who played an important role in getting these drivers off our roads."

The MTA employees arrested were:

  • Kipkino A. Primus (aka Kipkino Stephens) West 33rd Street, Brooklyn
  • Milton S. Richards (aka Milton Richards different DOB) 220th Place, Jamaica
  • Shawzair Khan (aka Tyron Osca) 164th Street, Jamaica
  • Ramon A. Acosta (aka Luis Nieves) Saratoga Avenue, Brooklyn

The other commercial drivers arrested were:

  • Leroi M. Robinson (aka Lararn M. Robinson aka Emanuel K. Johnson ) Howard Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Guei G. Michel (aka Traore Abou) Nicholas Avenue, Manhattan
  • Mody S. Barrie (aka Ibrahima S. Barry aka Alpha M. Barry) 112th Street, Morningside
  • Charles Webb (aka Felix M. Webb) 166th Street, Addisleigh Park
  • John Lopez (aka John Santiago) Villa Avenue, Bronx
  • Hashmat Shah (aka Naveed Shah) Beach Avenue, Copiague
  • Vincent M. Hart (aka Vincent H. Tyson) Hunters Lane, New Cassel currently works for Independent Coach Corp.
  • Frank Romanek (aka Frank Romanek different DOB) Beck Street, Mitchell Field
  • Abel F. Louis (aka Louini Louis) Avenue D, Brooklyn
  • Ronel Pierre (aka Carol A. Morgan) East 34th Street, Brooklyn currently works for Empire Paratransit Corp.
  • Shola T. Johnson (aka Lee G. Edwards aka Kevin Starling) Austin Avenue, Amity Harbor
  • Bernard Cradle (aka Rodman Cradle) Alabama Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Jean U. Paris (aka Ulrick Joseph) Kinkel Street, New Cassel
  • Zhen Shui Zheng (aka Swai Zhen Ming) Madison Street, Knickerbocker, Manhattan
  • Franck Baptiste (aka Patrick Rowe) 118th Avenue, Addisleigh Park
  • Sajid M. Choudhry (aka Sajid Mohmood) 164th Street, Jamaica
  • Talik T. Bey (aka Lionel D. Lewis) Hurlbut Street, Albany
  • Pierre R. Cesar (aka Pierre Malcolm) Brookside Avenue, Babylon
  • Saulon Eduardo Montoyta (aka Felipe E. Montoya) Leonard Boulevard, New Hyde Park
  • Maximo F. Yaguana (aka Manuel Salmas) 128th Street, College Point
  • Nicky C. Ogedegbe (aka Charles Ogedegbe) 145th Avenue, Jamaica
  • Ahmadou Tambadou (aka Ahmadou Tambadou different DOB) 57th Avenue, Corona
  • Roland Jeanty (aka Rolando Jeantyle) Brookhaven Avenue, Far Rockaway
  • Shabaz Muhammad (aka Muhammad Shahbaz) 188th Street, Flushing
  • Hennessy Verlus (aka Jean Beauvais) Tremper Avenue, Eddyville
  • Amgad B. Hammad (aka Amgad B. Ibrahim aka Amgad A. Hammad) Vleigh Place, Flushing
  • Ahmeh M. Ali (aka Ahmed S. Mohamed) Skillman Avenue, Flushing
  • Jun-Shu Lee (aka Joon Soo Lee) 41st Street, Astoria
  • Garry V. Bernadeau (aka Amos Alce) 152nd Street, Addisleigh Park
  • Muhammad Tariq (aka Tariq Hussain) Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Satwant Singh (aka Nick Singh) 120th Street, Jamaica
  • Milton C. Urena (aka Milton S. Urena) 93rd Street, Flushing
  • Aston H. Whilby (aka Vincent Whilby) Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Tara Chand (aka Raj Kumar Verma) Broadway, Elmhurst
  • Wesley Robinson (aka Jovell K. Sayles) 217th Street, Bellerose Manor
  • Adama Doumbia (aka Souleymane A. Doumbia) Boston Road, Bronx
  • Valery Duvert (aka Eliassaint Deshomme) Montgomery Street, Brooklyn
  • Ramon S. Delmonte (aka Felix R. Ortiz) Creston Avenue, Bronx currently works for TLC Transportation Corp of Westchester
  • Orlando Bonilla (aka Diordy Camilo) Calhoun Avenue, Bronx
  • John M. Concepcion (aka Juan M. Mosca) Belmont Avenue, Long Island
  • Errol G. Robinson (aka Christian M. Mardiant) 230th Street, Jamaica
  • Ralph Codio (aka Ralph Godio) East Melrose Street, North Valley Stream
  • Michelet Louis-Jean (aka Mikhael Benyssashkar) 229th Street, Jamaica
  • Roswald Jean-Jacques (aka Ronald Jean-Jacques) 193rd Street, Hollis
  • Milan R. Parik (aka Milan Hunter) 56th Road, Flushing
  • Abel A. Tavares (aka Abel Taveras different DOB) Van Nest Avenue, Bronx
  • David Larry (aka Lawrence Lipkin) Carney Street, Glen Cove