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June 1, 2017Adelanto, CA, United StatesDetainee Death Notifications

ICE detainee passes away en route to Victorville hospital

ADELANTO, Calif. – A Honduran national in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who collapsed while playing soccer Wednesday evening at the Adelanto Detention Facility, passed away a short time later in an ambulance as he was being transported to a nearby hospital.

Vicente Caceres-Maradiaga was pronounced dead just after 7 p.m. After Mr. Caceres collapsed, the Adelanto security staff issued a code blue and immediately began efforts to resuscitate him, including applying a defibrillator multiple times.

Mr. Caceres’ preliminary cause of death is listed as acute coronary syndrome. The 46-year-old detainee, who had been diagnosed with hypertension and an umbilical hernia, was being treated for both conditions while in ICE custody.

Consistent with the agency’s protocols, the appropriate state health and local law enforcement agencies have been notified about the death, as have the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General and the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility. Additionally, ICE has advised Honduran consular representatives who have notified Mr. Caceres’ next of kin.

Mr. Caceres had been in ICE custody since May 22 following his arrest in North Hollywood by an ICE Fugitive Operations Team. His removal case was pending before the immigration courts at the time of his death. Records indicate that Mr. Caceres, who was never lawfully admitted to the U.S., has had two prior criminal convictions since 2011, one for DUI and one for fraud.

Mr. Caceres is the ninth detainee to pass away in ICE custody in fiscal year 2017.