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July 30, 2021Washington, DC, United StatesStatement

Statement from Acting ICE Director Tae D. Johnson on the agency’s victim-centered approach Open configuration options

“As a law enforcement agency, ICE has a duty to protect and assist victims of crime. This is true regardless of whether victims are noncitizens encountered through civil immigration enforcement activities or victims of crimes that are directly under ICE’s jurisdiction. When victims feel safe to come forward and receive necessary support and benefits, the ability of state, local, and federal law enforcement to detect, investigate, and prosecute crime is strengthened. Today, on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, I am directing the immediate review of agency, directorate, and program office policies, procedures, guidance, and resource needs relevant to the treatment of victims of crime. This review will ensure that ICE activities and operations minimize adverse impacts on victims of crime to the greatest extent possible, and that victims of crime have ready access to support, benefits, and valuable services.

“ICE has implemented a victim-centered approach in various respects; however, there is significantly more to be done on this front considering the breadth of our law enforcement activities. I have directed ICE leadership to identify and begin taking meaningful steps to address necessary changes to policies and procedures, as well as resource needs, within 60 days of the issuance of this memorandum.”

Updated: 03/10/2023