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January 10, 2024San Juan, PR, United StatesStatement, Narcotics

Statement by Homeland Security Investigations San Juan Special Agent in Charge Rebecca Gonzalez-Ramos on Operation Youngblood

SAN JUAN — For the past several months since Operation Youngblood was executed on Sept. 22, 2023, Homeland Security Investigations San Juan has shared updates on the status of the fugitives of the Hasta Los Marcian criminal organization.

On Jan. 10, the Puerto Rico Police Bureau confirmed through a press release that they responded to a 911 call to building 22 of the Enrique Zorrilla residential complex. There, agents found a man with "several gunshot wounds in different parts of the body, which caused his death on the spot" later identified as Christopher Alberto Centeno Marrero, alias "Chupi", 29 years old. Centeno Marrero was one of four fugitives from HSI's Operation Youngblood.

Currently, only three fugitives remain: Joshua Siragusa-Romero, Christopher Maldonado-Lopez, and Christian Maldonado-Lopez.

Once again, these events confirm the unfortunate future of those who insist on committing a crime: jail or death. For this reason, we urge the three fugitives to come before the authorities and turn themselves in. The components of law and order are united and committed to dismantling criminal organizations to bring peace to the communities affected by the violence generated by illicit activities. We will not stop until we find them!