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August 16, 2013Washington, DCUnited StatesOperational

TOP STORY: Getting ICE on TV

Getting ICE on TV

Branding is important to any organization, a strong brand name tells people who an organization is and what they do.

It is for this reason that Brandon A. Montgomery, the entertainment and multimedia liaison for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Public Affairs, is actively working to generate an agency presence in film and TV.

"It’s important to get (ICE) on TV because it ensures we are on the top of the mind to the American public and our stakeholders," Montgomery said.

Montgomery explained that the viewership for a primetime TV show can receive more than 10 times the viewership a standard news program receives. He went on to explain that the best way to show lawmakers and the public who ICE is and what ICE does, is by getting ICE onto TV.

"It’s not just for the public," Montgomery said, "it boosts morale for special agents and the agency too."

His hard work has been paying off because ICE has recently been featured in TV shows such as "To Catch a Smuggler," "Border Wars," "Chicago Fire," "Hawaii 5-0," "Burn Notice" and "Bones."

The idea, Montgomery explained, is to brand ICE. This will not only inform the public about what each element within ICE does, but will assist in keeping ICE as a whole on the minds of policymakers.

"It’s one thing for me, as an ICE employee to see things that you never thought you’d get to see," Montgomery said, "but to let the general public be part of that experience is really awesome."

Updated: 02/27/2015