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Detainee Death Reporting

Detainee Death Reporting

Detainee Death Reporting

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) takes very seriously the health, safety and welfare of those in our care, including those who come into ICE custody with prior medical conditions or who have never before received appropriate medical care. While fatalities in ICE custody occur at a small fraction of the national average for detained populations in federal or state custody, any death that happens in ICE custody is a cause for concern. Under agency protocols, when an individual passes while in ICE custody, the ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC) reviews the case to determine whether the detainee received appropriate health services in relation to nationally recognized standards of detention health care and practices. Additionally, the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility, in coordination with contract subject matter experts in correctional healthcare and security, conducts an objective examination of the facts and circumstances surrounding each individual’s passing, to determine whether or not the relevant detention standards were complied with and to identify any other areas of concern regarding the individual’s care and custody. Upon their completion, the results of these reports are provided to ICE senior management and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Upon an official report of a detainee death, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) makes official notifications to Congress, non-governmental organization (NGO) stakeholders, and the media and posts a news release with relevant details on the public website, at, within two business days, per agency policy. ERO also schedules a meeting within three business days to brief senior leadership about the event and ensure that all required investigation and coordination is undertaken in a timely manner.

Staffing for detainees includes registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, licensed mental health providers, mid-level providers that include a physician’s assistant and nurse practitioner, a physician, dental care, and access to 24-hour emergency care. Pursuant to our commitment to the welfare of those in the agency’s custody, ICE spends more than $269 million annually on the spectrum of healthcare services provided to detainees.

A list of all of ICE’s authorized detention facilities is publicly available here.

Congressional requirements described in the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Bill (2018) require ICE to make public all reports regarding an in-custody death within 90 days. The accordions below include those reports, beginning in Fiscal Year 2018.

FY 2021

Date of Death Name
December 17, 2020 JONES, Anthony
January 30, 2021 MONTES, Felipe
February 5, 2021 DEAN, Jesse
March 15, 2021 GALLEGO-Agudelo, Diego Fernando

FY 2020

Date of Death Name
January 25, 2020 OWEN, Ben James
January 27, 2020 HERNANDEZ-FUNDORA, Alberto
February 20, 2020 HERNANDEZ-COLULA, David
March 8, 2020 OCHOA-YOC DE RAMIREZ, Maria Celeste
March 18, 2020 CARCAMO-NAVARRO, Orlan Ariel
March 21, 2020 HERNANDEZ-IBARRA, Ramiro
May 6, 2020 ESCOBAR-MEJIA, Carlos Ernesto
May 17, 2020 AHN, Choung Woong
May 24, 2020 BATEN-OXLAJ, Santiago
July 12, 2020 PEREZ-MONTUFA, Onoval
July 15, 2020 SANCHEZ-PEREZ, Luis (aka HERNANDEZ-CABRERA, Mauricio)
August 5, 2020 HILL, James Tomas
August 5, 2020 LEE, Kuan Hui
August 10, 2020 GUILLEN Vega, Jose Freddy
August 28, 2020 SABONGER-Garcia, Fernando
September 21, 2020 CHAVEZ Alvarez, Cipriano
September 26, 2020 JALLY, Romien

FY 2019

Date of Death Name
April 3, 2019 REYES-CLEMENTE, Abel
May 3, 2019 SINGH, Simratpal
June 30, 2019 BALDERRAMOS-TORRES, Yimi Alexis
July 24, 2019 ARRIAGO-SANTOYA, Pedro
September 10, 2019 RODRIGUEZ-ESPINOZA, Roberto
October 1, 2019 ABIENWI, Nebane
October 15, 2019 HERNANDEZ-DIAZ, Roylan
December 21, 2019 AKINYEMI, Anthony Oluseye
December 29, 2019 MAVINGA, Samuelino

FY 2018

Date of Death Name
April 10, 2018 MIRIMANIAN, Gourgen
May 16, 2018 ROMERO, Ronal Francisco (aka CRUZ, Ronald)
May 25, 2018 HERNANDEZ, Jeffry (aka HERNANDEZ, Roxana)
June 12, 2018 TRAN, Huy Chi
July 10, 2018 DE LA ROSA, Efrain Romero
July 25, 2018 RAMIREZ-ARREOLA, Augustina
November 1, 2018 PADRON, Wilfredo
November 18, 2018 AMAR, Mergensana
November 30, 2018 VOLKOV, Guerman

Previous detainee death review documents that have been requested and provided via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request are also posted in the FOIA Library at

Updated: 05/10/2021