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"We remove criminals from our communities."

The removal of criminal aliens from the US is a national priority. The NFOP helps complete this task by identifying, locating and arresting removable criminal aliens. In FY2012, NFOP efforts resulted in more than 37,000 arrests.

The primary mission of National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP) is to reduce the fugitive alien population in the United States. The NFOP identifies, locates, and arrests fugitive aliens, aliens that have been previously removed from the United States, removable aliens who have been convicted of crimes, as well as aliens who enter the United States illegally or otherwise defy the integrity of our immigration laws and border control efforts.

The NFOP’s "Absconder Apprehension Initiative" uses data available from National Crime Information Center databases as a virtual force multiplier. As part of the Alien Absconder Initiative, ERO developed and coordinated the "ICE ERO Most Wanted" program. This program publicizes the names, faces and other identifying features of the 10 most wanted fugitive criminals by ERO.

Who is a fugitive alien? A fugitive alien is a person who has failed to leave the United States after he or she receives a final order of removal, deportation or exclusion, or who has failed to report to ICE after receiving notice to do so.

Operation Cross Check

Operation Cross Check serves as the operational umbrella for focused enforcement efforts that target specific priority groups, such as at-large criminal aliens convicted of violent crimes.

Operation SOAR

Sex Offender Alien Removal (SOAR) is a coordinated foreign-born sex offender enforcement operation that builds on ICE’s ongoing efforts to target and remove these egregious criminal aliens from our communities. In support of this endeavor, ERO's Fugitive Operations Support Center (FOSC) has spearheaded a collaborative effort with the ERO Law Enforcement Support Center to identify criminal aliens who are registered as sex offenders.

Most Wanted

The Most Wanted program is a vital ICE ERO tool in the location and arrest of the most dangerous fugitives and at-large criminal aliens.

FAR Away

The National Fugitive Operations Program has established a permanent liaison with INTERPOL at the national level to develop investigative leads and provide support to the Fugitive Operations Teams in the location and arrest of Fugitive Alien Removal (FAR) cases or "foreign fugitives". These foreign nationals are wanted for serious crimes committed abroad.