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Law Enforcement Support Center

Law Enforcement Support Center

Law Enforcement Support Center

The center protects and defends the US by sharing timely and relevant ICE information with our law enforcement partners around the world.

ICE Targeting Operations

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) manages all aspects of the immigration enforcement process — including the identification and arrest of noncitizens unlawfully present in the U.S.

  • ERO uses intelligence-driven leads from law enforcement information to identify noncitizens who may present a threat to national security, public safety, or otherwise undermine the integrity of U.S. immigration laws using analysis, technology, tools and partnerships.
  • The agency’s Targeting Operations leverage integrated, lead-generating capabilities to provide biometric and biographic identification support services and lead generation for priority noncitizens.
  • Immigration enforcement efforts require the application of intensive review and analysis before initiating enforcement action — enabling ERO to fully apply its lead generation services to better use ICE officers’ limited resources.

ERO’s Targeting Operations comprise three entities which leverage intelligence-based leads from law enforcement information.

  • The Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) serves as a single national point of contact that provides timely immigration status, identity information, and real-time assistance to federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies regarding noncitizens suspected, arrested, or convicted of criminal activity that are encountered during their daily law enforcement activities. The LESC provides timely immigration status, identity information and real-time assistance to those law enforcement agency partners.
  • Pacific Enforcement Response Center (PERC) conducts law enforcement actions upon noncitizens suspected, arrested or convicted of criminal activity across the U.S. Supporting 19 of ERO’s 25 areas of responsibility (AORs), the PERC shares timely and relevant ICE information with law enforcement partners nationwide. The PERC also issues immigration detainers or requests for notification on high-priority and high-risk criminal noncitizens.
  • The National Criminal Analysis and Targeting Center (NCATC) serves as the national enforcement operations center by supporting all 25 ERO field offices and ERO headquarters through data analysis and generating leads. Investigation leads are then shared with ERO officers in the field and are used to locate and arrest noncitizens that pose threats to national security and public safety.

Services provided by these entities increase the effectiveness of ERO’s ability to enforce immigration law by enhancing field office capabilities to identify, arrest and removal priority noncitizens.

Targeting services also allow local enforcement teams to focus limited enforcement resources on targeting and apprehending criminal noncitizens in alignment with current policies, officer safety concerns, and local law enforcement partnerships to support national security and public safety.

Updated: 02/24/2023