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Your Workforce Compliance Partner

IMAGE is a Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers that provides employers with solutions to hiring process challenges through outreach and education with the goal of fostering workforce integrity and compliance with the law.

IMAGE is a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) complimentary program that serves the business community by strengthening their hiring practices through training and education. It is a voluntary partnership initiative between the federal government and private sector employers. Businesses who enroll in IMAGE are provided with several trainings and guidance in topics such as anti-discrimination, fraudulent documents, E-Verify, forced labor, and overview on child labor. All businesses seeking to become IMAGE members are subject to a Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) audit without facing penalties or fines for errors found on the Form I-9 as part of the inspection conducted. Employees with document discrepancies are given the opportunity to provide valid documentation that allow them to work legally in the U.S. Identifying unauthorized employees does not disqualify a business from becoming a member. Knowingly hiring an illegal workforce DOES disqualify a business from becoming a member. Knowingly hiring undocumented noncitizens is a crime and will be penalized.

Who can benefit from becoming an IMAGE member?

A business that...

  • Needs help completing the Form I-9 and is at risk of facing fines and penalties
  • Benefit from having 24/7 access to HSI IMAGE Coordinators that can answer questions related to employment eligibility verification
  • Seeks to be 100% compliant with employment eligibility verification and maintain the integrity of their worksites
  • Wants to join the fight against labor exploitation to include forced child labor and human trafficking
  • Benefit from a Form I-9 audit without penalties and be granted a 4-year respite from being served a Form I-9 Notice of Inspection
  • Seeks to have a stable workforce by avoiding lawsuits and other legal actions resulting from unauthorized employment and anti-discrimination
  • Is an exceptional employer that can serve as an example and role model in the business community

Become an IMAGE Member

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Meet a Few Current and Former IMAGE Members

  • 5th Avenue Wali Inc.
  • Access Communications Group LLC
  • Ace Hardware Portland Tugboat LLC
  • AJ's Uniforms Inc.
  • All Finish Concrete Hoffland Environmental Inc.
  • Andersen Corporation Custom Crates & Pallets Ltd.
  • Anderson Distribution
  • Anderson Logistics of Sacramento
  • Anderson Regional Manufacturing Inc.
  • Anderson Windows Inc.
  • Applied DNA Sciences Inc.
  • AppSoft Solutions Inc.
  • Arctic Ice
  • AS Inc.
  • Barona Resort & Casino
  • Besroi Construction Corp.
  • Black Start LLC
  • Borderplex
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County Inc.
  • Brahma Group Inc.
  • The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company
  • Bubba's Crab House & Seafood Restaurant
  • Bubba's Marina Inc.
  • Buddy's Kitchen
  • C&E Industrial Service Inc.
  • CDF Corporation
  • Century Country Club
  • Christian Care Centers Inc.
  • City of Greenville Hyn Inc.
  • City of Kingsley
  • City of Lewisville
  • City of Plano
  • City of Richardson
  • Clampitt Paper Co. of Dallas Ltd.
  • Clean Tech LLC
  • Compass Workforce Solutions LLC
  • Contemporary Services Corporation
  • Corporate Computer Solutions Inc.
  • Custom Pultrusion Inc.
  • Cypher Analytics Inc.
  • Dakota Provisions Inc.
  • Data Brilliance Software Company
  • DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office
  • DFS Group LP
  • Double Quick Inc.
  • Double V Enterprises
  • Downtown House of Pizza
  • Doyle Security Services Inc.
  • Dunn Tire Construction Staffing Solutions LLC
  • Eagle Window & Door LLC
  • Eagle Window & Door Manufacturing Inc.
  • Edwards Electric Service LLC
  • El Paso Communication Systems Inc.
  • El Paso Independent School District
  • EMCo Enterprises LLC
  • Energy Products LLC
  • Esprix Technologies LP
  • First Staff Inc.
  • Flip Burger Maple Inc.
  • Focus IT Inc.
  • Fort Worth Texas Central Sandblasting Co.
  • Fountain Construction Company Inc.
  • FYN Management Inc.
  • G 2V Enterprises
  • Glass Inc.
  • Hawaii Pacific Health
  • IML Management Company LLC DBA Carnitas Queretaro
  • John and Sarah's Family Restaurant
  • Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children
  • Kapiolani Medical Specialists
  • Kauai Medical Clinic
  • KGL America Inc.
  • LD McCauley
  • Little Dixie Community Action Agency Inc.
  • Master Maintenance Inc.
  • McAllister Towing & Transportation Co. Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Baltimore Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Charleston Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Florida Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Narragansett Bay Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of New York LLC
  • McAllister Towing of Philadelphia Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Port Everglades Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Puerto Rico Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Virginia Inc.
  • McAllister Towing of Wilmington Inc.
  • Mercury Air Group Inc.
  • Meridian Manufacturing Group Inc.
  • Merit Electrical Inc.
  • Mike Garcia Merchant Security
  • Miskelly Furniture Warehouse Inc.
  • Mission Chevrolet Ltd.
  • Mountain Ridge Ace Hardware
  • M Palazola Produce Co.
  • Naan-Tastic
  • New Mexico Emergency Products LLC
  • Norton Energy Drilling LLC
  • Pali Momi Medical Center
  • Patagonian Foods LLC DBA Garufa Argentinian Restaurant
  • Pencil Cup Office Products Inc.
  • Piping Rock Club X-Fab Texas Inc.
  • Polypeptide Laboratories Inc.
  • Primoris T&D Services LLC
  • Process Equipment Manufacturing Co.
  • Ramcon LLC
  • Reinauer Transportation Companies LLC
  • Resirkulere USA Inc.
  • Region 19 Education Service Center
  • RL Jones-San Diego Inc.
  • Route 66 Hardware LLC DBA Ace Hardware
  • Saryan Cuisine
  • Securus Technologies Inc.
  • Serna Quality Enterprises LLC DBA Quality Concrete & Landscape
  • Sioux City Foundry Co.
  • Slac Logistics LLC
  • Sound Catering Inc.
  • Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative Inc.
  • SRI Tech Solutions
  • S&S Palmer Trucking
  • Stec USA Inc.
  • Sterling BV Inc.
  • Straub Clinic and Hospital
  • Sun City Trailer Repair DBA Alpha Contractors
  • Sunkist Bakery LLC
  • Sun-Star Electric Inc.
  • Superior Asphalt Company
  • Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.
  • Tacos CuCo II
  • Team CSS LLC
  • Tokyo 23 by Inc
  • Transmountain Corral LLC DBA Golden Corral
  • Tulsa City-County Library
  • Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows Inc.
  • Weinrich Truck Line Inc.
  • WestAir Gases & Equipment
  • West Texas Corral LP DBA Golden Coral
  • Wilcox Memorial Hospital
  • Win-Sum Ski Corporation DBA Holiday Valley Resort
  • Woodlands Hardware LLC
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Yates Services LLC
  • YN1 Inc.
  • ZSHG Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is IMAGE?

IMAGE is a voluntary partnership initiative between the federal government and private sector employers. The initiative is designed to foster cooperative relationships and to strengthen overall hiring practices.

HSI developed this initiative for employer self-compliance within the worksite enforcement program, through which employers can achieve a lawful workforce through self-policing of their hiring practices.

Why was the IMAGE program started?

Many people are drawn to the United States in search of jobs. U.S. companies face fines and owners face possible imprisonment if they violate laws related to employment and employment eligibility. IMAGE was developed as an avenue through which HSI can assist employers seeking to improve hiring practices.

HSI recognizes that the highest level of employment integrity can only be achieved through close coordination with industry partners. Furthermore, industry self-policing will allow HSI to focus on other aspects of its homeland security mission.

The IMAGE program also serves to foster improved relations with private sector employers, and to help these employers to better understand their legal responsibilities when hiring.

Is IMAGE an employment eligibility verification system?

No. However, participants in the IMAGE program are required to use E-Verify, a free online employment eligibility verification system operated jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.

The IMAGE Best Employment Practices go beyond electronic verification to help employers who seek to maintain the integrity of their worksites.

What are the benefits of becoming an IMAGE member?

IMAGE places an emphasis on self-policing in a company’s hiring practices. By following the prescribed steps of IMAGE, employers go beyond electronic verification to help maintain the integrity of their worksites.

In addition, IMAGE membership can enhance your corporate image by associating your company with sound hiring practices and helps to secure the homeland by reducing opportunities to inadvertently hire unauthorized workers.

What does HSI agree to do as part of IMAGE?

IMAGE was designed as a partnership initiative between the government and private sector employers. To that end, HSI is committed to working with IMAGE participants in the following ways:

HSI will waive any applicable fines if any technical or substantive violations are discovered on the Forms I-9 reviewed as part of the inspection conducted, as long as there is no evidence of a criminal violation.

HSI will not conduct another Form I-9 inspection of the company for a four-year period.

HSI will provide information and training before, during and after inspection.

What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is a Web-based system that compares information from an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. More than one million employers, large and small, across the United States use E-Verify to check the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees. E-Verify is fast, free and easy to use – and it's the best way employers can ensure a legal workforce. Visit E-Verify for more information. Visit E-Verify for more information.

Why does my business have to perform document checks?

Section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires employers to verify that all employees are authorized to work and have established their identities using the Form I-9.

What happens if I correctly complete an I-9 form and perform the E-Verify query and ICE subsequently determines...

What happens if I correctly complete an I-9 form and perform the E-Verify query and HSI subsequently determines the individual to be unauthorized to work in the U.S.?

If the employee presented the employer with documents that reasonably appeared to be genuine and relate to the employee presenting them, you cannot be charged with a verification violation. This type of circumstance underscores the importance of why HSI is advocating participation in the IMAGE program and E-Verify for all employers.