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OPLA: Chief of Staff

The OPLA Chief of Staff (COS) oversees four key units that providing strategic, administrative and technical support and coordination for OPLA:

  • Executive Communications Unit (ECU): As the “nerve center” for OPLA’s mission critical communications, ECU attorneys are responsible for coordinating requests for legal review and any information related to ICE operations involving immigration processes, enforcement, acquisitions, labor and employment, Freedom of Information Act, Presidential transition taskings, customs authorities, and information disclosure issues. ECU receives these requests from DHS and other ICE offices, including the Director’s Office of the Executive Secretariat, DHS Headquarters, the Office of Congressional Relations, and other DHS components.
  • Headquarters Administrative Operations (HQAO): HQAO provides administrative support services to OPLA that are grounded in the values of customer service, integrity, collaboration and professionalism. HQAO provides a wide variety of general and specialized services to OPLA’s Headquarters staff, while some divisions have direct administrative support personnel on staff who provide individualized and division-specific services. The major areas of responsibility for HQAO are: Account Management/Travel, Transit Subsidy, Passport Applications, Procurement, Human Capital (i.e., performance management, time and attendance, on-boarding/exiting personnel, etc.), IT systems access, and Mail Management.
  • Knowledge Management Division (KMD): The mission of KMD is to create an innovative environment for creating, capturing, storing, sharing, and disseminating knowledge while assisting OPLA in informed decision-making and increasing effectiveness through knowledge management. KMD oversees four major areas: 1) systems management, including of OPLA’s case management and electronic discovery systems; 2) statistical analysis and reporting; 3) asset management for OPLA Headquarters; and 4) library services, including online research.
  • Strategic Management Division (SMD): SMD creates and implements OPLA’s Strategic Plan. Among other initiatives, the is responsible for OPLA’s workload staffing model, mentorship programs, and enterprise-wide OPLA training. SMD oversees the delivery of training by OPLA at FLETC in both Brunswick, GA and Charleston, SC.