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New Employee Orientation Information

Employees at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) play a critical role in fulfilling the mission of our organization - to protect America and uphold public safety by targeting the people, money and materials that support terrorist and criminal activities.

The orientation process assists new employees in becoming a productive member of the ICE family. Through orientation, training and other programs, you will meet new coworkers, supervisors and managers who are able to assist with new employment responsibilities. Direct any questions to your supervisor or contact person from the human resource department.

In this online New Employees Orientation, you will find information regarding working for ICE and various forms to complete prior to orientation.

Drug-Free Federal Workplace

Executive Order 12564 established the goal of a drug-free workforce, and mandated that all Federal employees refrain from illegal and illicit drug use as a condition of employment. Employees occupying Testing Designated Positions (TDPs) are subject to applicant testing and random.

The following criteria define TDPs:

  • Employees with direct involvement in drug interdiction or enforcement of related laws;
  • Employees granted access to national security classified information (confidential, secret, or top secret security clearances);
  • Employees who are authorized to carry firearms;
  • Individuals serving under Presidential appointments;
  • Law enforcement officers as defined in 5 USC Sections 8331(20) and 8401(17);
  • Employees who have access to certain agency automated systems; and
  • Other positions that the agency determines, which involve law enforcement, national security, the protection of life and property, public health or safety, or other functions requiring a high degree of trust and confidence.

Any questions regarding the drug-free workplace program should be directed to your supervisor.


ICE employees enjoy standard Federal employment benefits, including:

  • Health care plans and life insurance eligibility
  • Retirement plans through the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
  • Law enforcement retirement coverage may be applicable
  • Leave and holidays: accrue 4 hours of annual leave per pay period based on longevity of service; accrue 4 hours of sick leave per pay period; and 10 paid holidays each year
  • Uniform allowance may be applicable

For more detailed Benefit information, you can access the Federal Employment Information Fact Sheet, "Working for the Federal Government Benefits".

Before You Report

Here you will find information and links necessary for us to process your appointment, for you to receive your first paycheck, and for you to finalize legal documents for Federal employment with ICE.

Required Actions

Before you report, complete the forms below and bring the printed forms with you when you report.

Complete ALL forms as instructed: Some forms may require you to print first and then complete.

  • State Tax Withholding Certificate (as needed). After selecting your State and retrieving information, then search for "Employee (State Name) Withholding Exemption Certificate." Fill it out, print it and bring it with you the day you report.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
    Purpose: This form is used to verify your citizenship and eligibility to work in the United States.
    Instructions: Complete Section 1. Print one copy and sign the form. Then, on your first day of work, bring the required documents that will provide sufficient proof of citizenship.
    Who Submits: All new employees.
  • Employee Address (AD-349)
    Purpose: This form is used to designate your official mailing/residence address so that you can receive your biweekly Statement of Earnings and Leave and other important mailings.
    Instructions: Read and complete ONLY sections 1-6, 9, 11, 20 and 21. Print one copy and sign the form.
    Who Submits: All new employees.
  • Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4 Form)
    Purpose: This form is required by the IRS and is used to determine the correct amount of federal income tax to be withheld from your biweekly earnings based on the number of exemptions that you claim.
    Instructions: Step 1: Use the Personal Allowances Worksheet to help you determine the number of withholding allowances that you are entitled to claim. Step 2: Fill out the W4 Form and print one copy. Step 3: Sign and date.
    Who Submits: Mandatory for all new employees. State tax information is provided at Orientation.
  • Appointment Affidavits (SF-61)
    Purpose: This form is used on your first day of work when you take the Oath of Office. This form is NOT to be completed until you are sworn in.
    Instructions: Print one copy. Bring this blank form with you on your first day. DO NOT COMPLETE. After you are sworn in, you will sign and date the affidavits.
    Who Submits: All new employees.
  • Self Identification Of Disability (SF-256)
    Purpose: This form is used to collect statistical information for agency reports on hiring, placement, and advancement of handicapped individuals.
    Instructions: Complete the requested personal information at the top of the Form and indicate the appropriate code. Print one copy and sign the form.
    Who Submits: All new employees.
  • Declaration Of Federal Employment (OF-306)
    Purpose: This form is used to determine your acceptability for Federal employment.
    Instructions: Read and complete the form. Print one copy and sign the form. NOTE: A false statement on any part of this form may be grounds for not hiring you or for firing you after you begin work. You may also be punished by a fine or imprisonment.
    Who Submits: All new employees.
  • Race And National Origin Identification (SF-181)
    Purpose: This form is used to collect statistical information on the composition of the CBP workforce. Completion of this form is optional. However, if you do not complete this form, CBP will attempt to identify your race and national origin by visual perception.
    Instructions: Read and complete the form. Print one copy and sign the form.
    Who Submits: All new employees.
  • New Employee Survey
    Purpose: This form is used to collect information for reporting progress on Government-wide measures related to effective hiring. The data will be used to improve the overall experience for applicants in the Federal hiring process and assess progress toward ensuring the Federal hiring process is clear, communicative, and effective. Completion of this form is optional.
    Instructions: New employees should print one copy of the form, bring it to new employee orientation, read the form in its entirety, and complete it during new employee orientation when instructed. Submit the completed form to the orientation facilitator or Program Office point of contact, as appropriate. The facilitator/point of contact will collect the completed forms and forward them to the Office of Human Capital, Program Management Office for reporting to the Department of Homeland Security.
    Who Submits: All new employees.

Complete the Designation of Beneficiary documents below, to direct payments for your life insurance, unpaid compensation, and retirement contributions. This is only necessary if you are not satisfied with the normal order of precedence. Payments will normally be made in the following order:

  • To your widow or widower
  • To your children, in equal shares
  • To your parents
  • To your estate
  • To your next of kin

It is your responsibility to keep the forms up to date. This is especially important after any significant life event, such as marriage, divorce, death, etc.

You may be contacted in the future to complete one of the following security clearance forms:

What To Expect On Your First Day

In-Processing Orientation

  • Welcome
  • Oath of Office and Appointment Affidavit Signing
  • Overview of completed forms as listed on "Before you Report"
  • Be prepared to complete the following forms:
    • Statement of Prior Federal Service (SF-144)
    • City and/or County Tax Withholding Certificate (as needed). Your local administrative person will provide you with the appropriate certificate to complete.
    • Direct Deposit Sign-up Form (SF-1199A)


  • Bring identification as listed on Page 3 of the I-9 Form, Employment Eligibility Verification.
  • Bring all required forms as listed on "Before You Report" (above)
Updated: 05/09/2022