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Mission Support


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Mission Support
Mission Support
Mission Support

HSI's Mission Support Division manages critical functions that support the efficient use of HSI resources. It also manages functions that support HSI's strategic goals and performance measures.

Financial, Acquisition and Asset Management

Financial, Acquisition and Asset Management manages HSI's budget, logistic and internal control activities. It also oversees HSI's fleet, travel, personal property and facility management.

Financial, Acquisition and Asset Management consists of the following units:

Acquisition Management Unit ensures that HSI requests for goods and services are consistent with federal regulations. Additionally, the unit ensures that HSI purchase card activities comply with ICE guidelines. The unit supports HSI's acquisition efforts through HSI's Configuration Management Board and Executive Steering Committee. The Configuration Management Board helps unite HSI's planning, investment and budgeting efforts, while the Executive Steering Committee serves as the main decision-making body for HSI's capital asset plans and business proposals.

Facilities and Asset Management Unit manages HSI's space-related matters, including renovation and relocation. The unit also oversees budget, leasing, commercial services, parking and building security. Additionally, the unit manages HSI's fleet and property programs.

Financial and Logistics Management Unit oversees HSI's financial and budgetary requirements. This includes budget execution, travel, credit cards, employee relocations, payroll support and financial oversight.

International Support

International Support provides HSI with administrative support in financial management, personnel, logistics and information/non-information technology. It also oversees funds that include appropriations for HSI's International Operations and Visa Security Program. Other funding sources include ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations, the Department of State and the Department of Defense.

Resource and Financial Management Unit provides administrative support focusing on financial management, workforce analysis and compensation/relocation. The unit plays a vital part in advising attaché personnel while serving in an official foreign assignment.

Procurement and Logistics Management Unit supports International Operations' equipping and logistical requirements needs. The unit also provides management with interpretations of federal regulations and guidelines.

Policy, Planning and Records Management

Policy, Planning and Records Management manages policies, delegation orders and forms that HSI needs to complete its various missions. It also ensures that HSI's resources are aligned to the broader goals of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security.

Additionally, Policy, Planning and Records Management oversees HSI's information and records management activities, including its compliance with Freedom of Information Act requirements and disclosure activities from prosecutions. It also ensures HSI's compliance with litigation and requests from ICE stakeholders.

Policy, Planning and Records Management consists of the following units:

Budget Formulation and Strategic Planning Unit oversees documents that describe HSI's strategic direction and keep it in line with the principles of government mandates. The unit also obtains resources for new initiatives and other budgetary documents. The unit also manages the development of requests for information from Congress.

Policy Unit oversees the examination of policy with HSI leadership. The unit works with ICE's Forms Manager, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor and Office of Privacy to direct the delivery of HSI-originated forms. The unit also oversees the approval of drafts of memoranda.

Records and Disclosure Unit manages disclosure issues for HSI. This includes disclosures for the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, discovery requests and disclosures relating to HSI. The unit also acts as liaison for litigation issues that involve records maintained by HSI. Additionally, the unit helps Investigative Services with requests for information disclosures relating to ICE's confidential informant program. As appropriate, the unit gives guidance on Freedom of Information Act matters to special agent in charge offices.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management oversees HSI's human resource plans. It also oversees recruitment activities with ICE's Office of the Chief Financial Officer; Office of Training and Development; Office of Human Capital and Office of Professional Responsibility.

Workforce Management consists of the following units:

Workforce Management Staffing Solutions Unit provides HSI with strategic approaches to staffing in order to maintain its missions. The unit also carries out staffing initiatives, coordinates training and manages special hiring authorities and programs.

Workforce Management Programs and Planning Unit oversees the management of HSI positions, including hiring plans for HSI components. It also serves as a channel for human resource activities focused on position allocations and workforce matters. These include telework, the Occupational Workers' Compensation Program, student programs and special agent-14/15 assignments.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 01/03/2018