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Virtual Attorney Visitation Program


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention standards require detained noncitizens be allowed confidential contact with legal representatives. ICE has implemented Virtual Attorney Visitation (VAV) in some detention facilities across the country to improve access to legal representatives.

VAV facilitates confidential attorney-client conversations through virtual technology — Cisco, WebEx, Skype — and does not substitute in-person meetings with clients. VAV provides a timely, efficient communication alternative between attorneys and their detained clients.

All ICE-funded VAV meetings are at no cost to detained noncitizens or legal representatives. The VAV program creates a mechanism for legal representatives to schedule client meetings in advance and add interpreters easily to VAV calls. The program also enhances flexibility scheduling visiting hours and expanding visiting opportunities.

 Virtual Attorney Visitation Program Overview and FY 2023 Accomplishments Fact Sheet

Virtual Legal Visit Procedures

As with in-person legal visitation, the legal representative will be required to show appropriate identification — a bar card from any state or other available documentation demonstrating bar membership prior to the scheduled meeting.

  • Only legal representatives, legal assistants and interpreters will be allowed.
  • No family or friends of clients are permitted in the visitation.
  • Legal representatives may contact outside interpretation services during the call or session.

The existing visitation officer shall maintain safety and security for all detained noncitizens using the VAV program. The visitation officer will ensure confidentiality of communications between legal representatives and detained noncitizens.

  • Please be advised legal representatives and their staff are not permitted to take video or audio recordings during any virtual or in-person visit or any call with detained noncitizens.
  • Any violation of these rules may result in suspension or permanent revocation of VAV user privileges.

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