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ERO Enforcement

Using its broad statutory authorities, ICE identifies and removes dangerous, often recidivist, criminals engaged in crimes such as murder, predatory sexual offenses, narcotics trafficking, alien smuggling, and a host of other crimes that have a profoundly negative impact on our society. The Enforcement Division manages the enforcement initiatives and components through which ERO identifies and arrests removable aliens.

ERO’s Enforcement is composed of four Divisions.

Criminal Alien Division

The Criminal Alien Division (CAD) performs strategic planning and establishes policies designed to augment ICE’s ability to arrest and remove such aliens from the United States. CAD oversees the Criminal Alien Program and the 287(g) Program.

  • Criminal Alien Program: The Criminal Alien Program (CAP) focuses identifying, administratively arresting, and removing priority aliens who are incarcerated within federal, state, and local prisons and jails, as well as at-large criminal aliens who have circumvented identification.
  • 287(g) Program: Named after section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), this program authorizes ERO to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies, permitting designated officers to perform limited immigration law enforcement functions.

Targeting Operations Division

ERO’s Targeting Operations focus on interior enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. It leverages the integrated lead-generating capabilities of the Law Enforcement Support Center, the Pacific Enforcement Response Center, and the National Criminal Analysis and Targeting Center, applying technical capabilities, analytical tools and law enforcement expertise to generate intelligence-driven leads on removable aliens.

Fugitive Operations Division

The Fugitive Operations Division facilitates logistical and operational support to 24 ERO field offices and 129 designated Fugitive Operations Teams (FOTs) throughout the nation and is also responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing plans and policies, both budgetary and operational, in furtherance of the overall National Fugitive Operations Program mission. It also partners with U.S. and international law enforcement agencies to combat cross-border threats to public safety and national security.

  • National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP): NFOP provides direction and support to ERO’s efforts to locate, arrest and otherwise reduce the population of at-large removable aliens from the U.S. through intelligence-driven leads.

ERO Training Division

The ERO Training Division (EROTD) is responsible for meeting the training needs of ERO and our partners. Existing training programs provide basic, advanced and specialized training in an effort to meet the needs of the wide variety of skillsets.

Corey A. Price, Assistant Director, Enforcement Division
Corey A. Price
Assistant Director, Enforcement Division, Enforcement and Removal Operations

Corey A. Price is the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Assistant Director for Enforcement.  He is responsible for all ERO enforcement programs and initiatives, to include the Criminal Alien Program, the National Fugitive Operations Program, Field Training, the 287(g) Program, the Law Enforcement Support Center, the Pacific Enforcement Response Center, and the National Criminal Analysis and Targeting Center.

Mr. Price has two decades of federal law enforcement experience.  He began his career as a district adjudications officer before transitioning to deportation officer with the former U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), and he was a member of one of ICE’s first fugitive operations teams and an instructor at the ICE Academy.  He has served on the Joint Terrorism Task Force and deployed to assist with public safety and evacuation efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Price served as the Field Office Director (FOD) for ERO’s El Paso Field Office.  During his tenure, Mr. Price oversaw ERO operations in West Texas and New Mexico, leading a team of more than 350 employees.  He served as a member of the Joint Task Force West Unified Command for the El Paso corridor and collaborated with federal, state, and local law enforcement on numerous efforts, including the Papal visit to the borderland, response to the southwest border surge of 2016, and the Alliance to Combat Transnational Threats.

Mr. Price has held numerous leadership positions within ERO including the acting FOD and Deputy FOD for the Atlanta Field Office; acting Assistant Director for the Law Enforcement Systems and Analysis Division; Director of the Law Enforcement Support Center in Williston, Vermont; Assistant Field Office Director in Columbus, Ohio; and Program Manager for the Fugitive Operations, Secure Border Initiative, and Executive Information Units at ERO Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Mr. Price began his federal career in 1992 as a soldier in the U.S. Army and is a member of the Senior Executive Service.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 08/13/2020