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In an effort to keep current, the archive contains content from a previous administration or is otherwise outdated. This information is archived and not reflective of current practice.

Karnes County Residential Center

Karnes County Residential Center


Address: 409 FM 1144, Karnes City, TX 78118

Key Facts

  • The Karnes County Residential Center (KCRC) is the first ICE detention facility built from the ground up with ICE's civil detention standards in mind. It represents a significant milestone in the agency's long-term effort to reform the immigration detention system. • KCRC allows individuals in our custody unescorted movement, enhanced recreational opportunities and contact visitation, while maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere for residents and staff.
  • KCRC can house up to 830 residents on the 29-acre property.
  • Karnes County government contracts the day-to-day operation of the detention facility with The GEO Group, Inc.
  • ICE contracts with Karnes County government under an Intergovernmental Service Agreement, or IGSA.
  • On July 11, 2014, ICE modified its contract with Karnes County, Texas, in order to transition the Karnes County Civil Detention Center (Karnes) from an adult detention facility to a family residential center. This was done to expand ICE's capacity to house family units who have been apprehended at the border and placed into expedited removal proceedings. Karnes began receiving female head of household family units at the beginning of August 2014.
  • ICE's family residential facilities are an effective and humane alternative to maintain family unity as families await the outcome of immigration hearings or to return to their home countries. In ICE family residential facilities, residents have freedom of movement and access to outdoor recreation areas, indoor play rooms, social workers, 24/7 access to snacks, juices, and milk, and classrooms with state-certified, bilingual teachers.

Additional Facts

  • Families have freedom of movement throughout the facility from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • The facility cafeteria provides three meals per day, and is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Snacks are available throughout the facility and can also be purchased from the commissary.
  • Residents can receive visitors seven days per week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Residents in each of the eight-person suites can watch cable television.
  • Daily recreation activities and resources include but are not limited to, exercise equipment, soccer field, volleyball court, and basketball court.
  • The center features a computer lab with internet access and email services.
  • Non-institutional clothing is provided. Residents have the option of maintaining personal attire for daily wear.