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Student Volunteer Program

The Student Volunteer Program offers unpaid, professional training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate college students. These opportunities provide work experience related to the students’ academic programs and provide them an opportunity to explore career options, as well as develop their personal and professional skills. These are uncompensated positions and do not have to be announced nor do they count towards existing vacancies.

Student Volunteer service will vary by agency/office but can enrich the students’ futures by:

  • Allowing career exploration early in their academic studies,
  • Exposing them to new and emerging occupations,
  • Giving academic credit for work they perform (this will be determined by the school), and
  • Providing an experience, which will enhance their ability to obtain paying jobs in the future.

This program requires a written agreement signed by all parties, ICE, the school and the student. Presently, our student volunteer opportunities have been in the Washington, D.C. commuting area, however, there may be opportunities available in our ICE field offices. Students interested in pursuing a volunteer opportunity with ICE should coordinate with their Career Services office and the ICE Program Manager. Students must also meet the security requirements for the volunteer assignment. The minimum requirement for ICE is a pre-appointment National Agency Check with Written Inquiries for those volunteers performing "non-sensitive" duties.

If your Career Service Center does not have contact information regarding the ICE Student Volunteer Program, please e-mail We invite you to visit the USAJOBS website for more detailed information regarding Federal agencies that may have current student employment opportunities. 

Updated: 09/03/2021